What is TheShidduch.com?

TheShidduch.com is an online matchmaking service that aims to provide members with a new online dating experience. Our platform allows members to create a free member profile and wait comfortably while we send dating suggestions.

How do I create a member profile?

Create a member profile, here. Fill up the questionnaire and just relax while we search our database and send you date suggestions by email that meet the criteria you have requested.

How much does a membership cost?

Memberships cost $9.90/mo if you sign up for 6 months. Once you make the payment, we will send you dating suggestions by email that meet the criteria you have requested. If you don't think the match is suitable, you are free to reject the match and we will repeat the process. If you decide to accept a match, we will check whether the other party has done the same. If the match has been approved by both members, we will release names and contact information so that a date can be arranged.

  Value Plan
6 - months
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Standard Plan
3 - months
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Basic Plan
1 - month
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$9.90 / month $14.90 / month $19.90 / month
Non-paid members only get matched when they are suitable with one of our paid members.

How many matchmakers work for TheShidduch.com and has any successful shidduch been made?

We currently have a dozen matchmakers located all around the Tri State area working for us. Our matchmakers combined have made 5 successful shidduchims while working for TheShidduch.com and hundreds of them before they started working with us.

Who owns TheShidduch.com?

TheShidduch.com is owned by TheShidduch, Inc., a 2012 internet startup based in New York, NY.

How can I contact TheShidduch.com Support?

Please contact us via email at Support@TheShidduch.com. A site admin will get back to you within 24 hours.